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er of the year  2012-13 Find of the year 2013At each BBSRC meeting, we have a Find of the Month (FOTM) contest. For the uninitiated, let me explain how the winners are determined.  There are five categories: US coins, Jewelry, Tokens and foreign coins, Relics, and Miscellaneous. A member may enter no more that one item in each category. All entries are (ideally) anonymous. Members then get to vote for one item in each category. After votes are tallied, each first place winner receives 3 points, each second place winner receives 2 points, and the remaining entries receive 1 point each. There is a monthly prize for each 1st place winner (currently a silver quarter).

At the end of the 12 month FOTM year, points are totaled, and the member with the highest number of points is declared “Treasure Hunter of the Year”. There is also a Find of the Year contest held annually, in which members can enter any item that they had entered in a FOTM contest during the previous 12 months.

In my humble opinion, there are four main factors that help determine the Treasure Hunter of the Year winner:

1. Time. I think that we retired folks have an edge, due to the amount of time we can dedicate to our passion.

2. Research. It takes a lot of time and ingenuity to locate old sites that may yield silver coins and relics. I am fortunate to have a detecting buddy (Mike G.) who does more than his share of the research.

3. Entering something in as many categories as possible. Those single points add up. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should enter pull tabs, nails (OK, square, maybe), or other pure junk.

4. Luck. If you don’t get over it, you won’t find it.

Most BBSRC members know that I won Find of the Year AND Treasure Hunter of the Year for 2013. I want to thank everyone who voted for my entries in the Find of the Month contests last year. Attached are photos of my prizes. As you can see, they are pretty cool!

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