Metal Detecting 101

| January 10, 2008 | 0 Comments
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  1. Keep your coil flat and close to the ground as you sweep, otherwise you will lose depth.
  2. Make sure you properly ground balance your detector.
  3. Always use headphones.
  4. Sweep slowly as modern detectors need time to lock up on the target and provide accurate readings.
  5. Use as little discrimination as possible. Too much discrimination loses depth and loss of gold finds and nickels as well.
  6. Overlap your swings. Just a little on Elliptic or DD coils and about 50% on round coils.
  7. Hunt when the ground is wet. You will find it easier to dig and depth will be increased.
  8. Wear gloves to protect your hands for you do not know what is in a hole.
  9. Wear construction kneepads for insulation and protection.
  10. Wear a coin/trash pouch and dispose of all trash properly.
  11. Avoid cutting plugs when possible, if you have to cut a plug leave one side connected or cut an irregular shape so it can be replaced exactly as removed.
  12. Use a golf towel or dishcloth to put the dirt on. It can easily be put back in the hole leaving no trace of your digging.
  13. Search each edge of a sidewalk. Coins often roll here and get lost.
  14. Join and become active in one or more local treasure clubs.
  15. Practice, Practice, Practice. Learn to distinguish different tones. Pinpointing is an art. Digging neatly and leaving the ground as found takes practice.


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