Orvin Farmer Jr. finds treasure in historic relics from England

| April 7, 2010 | 3 Comments
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17thC Charles II silver button found by Orvin Farmer Jr

I the president of this wonderful club took my third  trip across the big pond (The Atlantic Ocean) for my latest trip to detect U.K. dirt.   If you have ever wanted to find stuff so old that it almost compels you,   to turn into a history fanatic.  There is so much history in that country that it is mind boggling.

The finds that can be found on any given trip could just about be from every country around the world and can even have eyeball finds that date back 10,000years to the stone age.  Now!  That is old.

For this trip was a little different than my past two trips,  we had the rights to hunt some land that had not been detected before this year.  The finds that are coming out of the ground  from this land are amazing.   Even though I did not find anything gold,  I did manage to find some things made of silver,  mainly coins,  but I did manage to find a small button from the 17th Century,  a King Charles II button (pictured at the top of page).  Due to the treasure laws of Britain other than single coin finds (two or more of the same type of coin is deemed a hoard and falls under the treasury act),   anything man-made  that has 10% or more of noble metal and over 300 years old,  can be deemed as treasure.  So my button find,  falls under their treasure act.  It will be viewed by the people at the museum to see if they want to purchase this item at fair market value.   They have many Charles II buttons,  so I expect to get this one back.

One thing that I must mention is that when you go on these detecting trips,  you do get to keep most everything that you find,  unfortunately it stays there to get an export license.  And that takes time.  But,  it is worth the wait.

I did have a really good trip,  the weather was not the greatest but that does not bother me as long as I can stay dry and warm.   Seems that I had all of the seasons during the week,  multiple times even during the same day,  some days.  I had some horizontal rain,  to where I just detected back-wards into the wind.  But for the most part these endeavors usually did not too last long.   The worse thing is when it just rains just enough to get the top part of the soil wet and that is all,  some fields the clay content is real heavy and sticks to everything.  So just a little rain makes the soil  stick to your coil,  boots,  and shovel,   overall just makes a big mess.  When it just rains,  steady,  as amazing as it sounds,  is almost better due to the fact that it keeps the mud from building up on coil,  boot,  etc.

Enough of the babble….

I found some wonderful items including the following:
1485 -1509 Henry VII hammered silver groat
1247 Henry III hammered silver short cross half penny
1341 Edward III hammered silver florin penny -Cross
15thC Angel coin coin weight – bent right leg Circa 1493 – British
Snake clasp ? TD & C Patent 1546  (did research on this one and patent dates to 1780)
17thC clothing fastener
1550-1650 buckle
1845 Victorian milled silver groat
17th mount with 2 integral lug
17thC Charles II silver button – reported as treasure
1696 William III milled silver sixpence
1stC Roman fibular brooch fragment
Roman lead token
Roman writing stylus

And MY FAVORITE find,  a relic from the past that I will soon give a new home too.

Romano/British bronze razor back pig/hog offering – red emerald eyes – 65.56mm L x 39.9mm H 148g

The pig ….it is from the Roman period,  so most likely from 1stC through 6thC  AD.   Date not confirmed as of yet.

You can see pictures for all the finds listed

Romano/British bronze razor back pig/hog offering - top view


Romano/British bronze razor back pig/hog offering - front view

1485 -1509 Henry VII hammered silver groat


These are not near all that I found,  just a portion that got photographed.

Thanks for viewing,


President,  BBSRC

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  1. Quinn says:

    Way to go Orv. Great job and beautiful Finds. Congrats

  2. Dan Lute says:

    Orvin, looks like you had a good successful trip, I like the pig.

  3. IdahoOrv says:

    I just heard back from my England detecting host about the pig/hog/boar that I found. The info that i received is that the person that had reviewed this find says that it is most likely Early Roman Period and would like to take a closer look at it.

    A lot of the finds are viewed by the experts in their field, strictly by e-mail. They ID and give information from the photos that are presented to them. But, in some cases they want a hands on approach to the item.

    To me this is very exciting, that the experts from the museum wants to take a closer look at my find. Can hardly wait to hear back from them to see what they think of my find.

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