Gerry’s Detectors – Quartzsite, AZ January 2014 Hunt

| February 10, 2014 | 1 Comment
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AZGold2Quartzsite, AZ January 2014 Hunt

Just wanted to drop my friends  an update on my January 2014 Quartzsite, AZ. trip.

I have not been to Arizona to hunt gold for almost 10 years, so I expected the ground to be clean of targets.  But on the upside, I was swinging a newer improved detector too, the well known Minelab GPX-5000 with stock 11” round Commander MONO coil.  What I learned, was there are still plenty of targets in the canyons and hills around the area.  Was it easy pickings of gold?  You should know better by now, that is never the case.  But Gold was Found and a few nice pieces were added to our collections.

Day #1 Ron was 1st to score a nugget.  It was a tiny one, but gold non the less.  After lunch, I had my 1st piece as well (view 1st photo) a small .2 gram which I found in bedrock on the side of a small feeder draw going into a bigger one.  I think Lunk also scored a small one that day too.  So Day #1 had us all finding out 1st gold.  Ron and I had yet to hunt gold in 2014, so this was our 1st trip, so even though the nuggets were small, they were gold and our 1st for 2014.  Hopefully with many more to come.

Day #2 was a mile away from previous day, but many washes and draws between.  We all split up and went different directions.  We met up at lunch and I had a really nice 11.7 gram = 1/3 ozt. nugget to show (photos 4 & 5).

After lunch I brought Lunk and Ron to the wash I found my nugget and we concentrated in that immediate area.  I found 2 small ones (always check your hole before filling) in 1 hole (photo #2) and then just near the end of day I scored another fine chunky one (photo #3) of 4.5 grams.  Then it was time to call it a day and meet the guys back at the rigs.

When we got there, I learned Lunk had 4 small ones himself and Ron had 2 (one of them about 2 grams with red stain, view photo #6).  I had the guys put all our gold from the day on the scale for a photo and some video (photo # 7) showing our take and the total weight of the gold.  Not bad for 3 guys and a total of 2/3 ozt at a well-known and worked out site.  Guess it does prove a point, when using newer detectors and knowing them well, you can still have success.

Day #3 we met up with a good friend of mine “Drew” and hunted the same area.  I worked hard, but could not pull anything else of gold metal from my favorite wash.  Drew went up above and scored a small one and a really round and smooth 10 gram nugget.  Ron did find another small one and to his credit, he actually found gold on all 3 days, which I did not do.  Good job old man, you beat me again.

Moral of the story.  YES, there is still gold to be found around Quartzsite, AZ. , if you are willing to work for it.


Enjoy the photos and be sure to go to YouTube and Subscribe to my videos, as you‘ll soon be seeing some great footage of us digging gold on this trip.

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