Rare coin is highlight of years of searching

| October 19, 2010 | 0 Comments
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By Sid Witherington

Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 8:00 AM CDT

 On the list of most desirable finds with a metal detector for a relic hunter are Civil War belt buckles, rare buttons, weapons, silver and gold coins.

1848 five-dollar gold half eagle found by the author.

I metal-detect primarily for Civil War artifacts but I like to find coins also. I do not metal-detect specifically for coins but if I find a Civil War camp, I will probably find a few coins and they will be old. The older the coin the more valuable they usually are. The holy grail of coins are gold coins. I have been metal detecting 21 years and I have only found two gold coins and both of them were in Civil War camps 

I found the first in the middle of Germantown in a Civil War camp which extended on the both sides of the road. I dug 1,000 bullets, four belt plates, and dozens of buttons from this area. I found coins from the Civil War period and before, one was an 1842 two and a half dollar quarter eagle only one inch deep in the ground with no mint mark. I was ecstatic even though the date was hard to read.

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